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About Girls Talk Too

Fun fact: when you Google "Girls talk too" virtually every autofill and option that comes up finishes with much. Girls talk too much. Or it fills in with "I talk too much about clothes."



Girls Talk Too was born because I couldn't keep all my ideas down any longer, and I saw so many people doing great things; I needed to, too. 

I've been trying to focus on a singular topic -- and I think I start with: music, art, presidents and American History, rejection, literature, success, hair, makeup, and the overall weirdness of life and feminism -- cooking and sobriety -- yup.  Lots of things. 

Real Talk

If the internet didn't exist, I definitely would be "naturally selected" by now. 

Luckily, I haven't been eaten by turtles, and mercifully live in an age where I can write about things. Et voila, here we are!  

I've written a bunch of content, copy, blogs, and papers (college writing doesn't really count in the real world, but let's pretend that it still does). I wrote one article for that was then featured in the NYT profile of the site. I've contributed to various local magazines, and can pump out a "good for SEO" marketing blog and some evergreen content like ain't no thang.

I have a tumblr page with, like, a hundred entries under the thesis of: "Presidents and Rappers: Not so different when you examine their core." And if you're thinking that I took rap lyrics that accurately represented each of the forty-four presidents time in the Big House, then memed those lyrics over over their presidential portraits, you'd be right. 

See what I mean about presidents and rappers? 

See what I mean about presidents and rappers?