Editor's note: Act as if. 


Hey Charity, what have you been doing with your life? 

Since when? Huh. I don't remember when I last updated the internet on the status of my life. 

Probably like, two years ago. That's my guess. Let's work from there.

In the past two years, I lived in Newport, then moved to Providence for a year, then quit my shitty job and moved home. I worked random ass jobs for eight months until I got my current job which is in God's cornucopia of Westport, Connecticut. Yes, I live with my parents. Yes, I actually really love my job (which is something I never thought I'd be able to say with sincerity).

Also, I totally made this site myself! Graphics, design, development, errythang (with the help of Squarespace). So another thing I've been doing the past two years is being an internet person.

Oh cool. That sounds...fun, I guess. Why are you starting this blog? Do you really think anyone will ever read it, because no one really gives a shit. 

Thanks! Yeah, I really love blogging. Even if no one ever reads my posts (which would make me very sad), it's something I feel like I need to be doing.

I love to write  and through the past few years I got into the habit of like, writing headlines in my brain. Like when I'm driving or doing random mind-numbing tasks. Things pop into my head.

I need to get those ideas out there in a way that helps other people. Even if the only thing I help with is making that water cooler conversation slightly easier. 

Part of what I want to do with this blog is be a sort a vessel for something bigger than *me*.

Cool. Well you know that everything has already been done, right? 

Ha, yeah. I had this one boyfriend who used to tell me wasn't original whatsoever and everything I would say had already been said (and said much better) elsewhere. I internalized that and it's stopped me in the past from starting anything. 

Then I was in therapy last month and I told my therapist that I felt like, so lame, stupid, uncreative and like everyone always already knows the totally weird connections I make. She stopped dead and was like, "Holy shit, I have failed you!! And fuuuuuuuuuuck that guy!!" 

So in a real way, this blog is me growing into the person I'm supposed to be. And if you already know what I write about, maybe there will be some comfort in the repetition. My whole thing is making others feel less alone. Like, that's the type of writing that has been the liferaft and oasis to me. The past five years of adult life have been hard (those early 20s, man), and most days I woke up thinking it'd be a good day to drown or get hit by an eighteen wheeler on the way to work. Good writing that connected with me (in addition to friendship, family, and therapy) helped pull me along.

You know the suicide prevention motto, "It gets better"? 

It did.

Wow, you got a little dark there for a second. Back to business here. So, what are you actually going to write about?  You don't even have a writing degree.

Well, I'm going to write about whatever I want to write about. Have you ever considered that the Syrian Refugee crisis situation could be likened to marriage? Have you ever considered that Goodreads and Jury Duty are essentially the same thing? Have you ever listened to an album, maybe Pure Heroine by Lorde, and wanted to read a 5,000 word song-by-song analysis of lyrical theme? Have  you wanted your friend to tell you what podcasts they listen to when they're alone? Do you know what you actually do with dry shampoo? How about a way to PEMDAS your morning? 

I'm your girl. I have a lot to say, and I'm incredibly lucky to have a platform to self publish my thoughts. 

Also, do they give writing degrees? I would think that by virtue of having a degree, you should theoretically be able to write. 

Huh, not sure on that degree thing. Okay, well. When you put it that way, I might pop over and want to read some articles or something. 

Sweet! I'm still working out a publishing schedule, but I want to post twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Definately check in then. 

Welcome to Girls Talk Too. I hope you like what you read here.